Foto: Morbite

Homesick of an embrace
Never have I ever
Been tangled in the deepest depths
Of your winds
Or wore hugs
That melted into kisses
Never have I ever
Left a cigarette burn
On the heart of a soldier
Or woke up
To be crafted
To fit perfectly
The space between your hands
I present you
The amulet of a promise
Around my neck
Weight of a wrecking ball
Hanging silently
Never have I ever
Unkissed or unloved you
In the lungs of my soul
Lies a reaching howl
A moment
A space between drowning
And gasping for meaning
With ink in the veins of my thoughts
Never have I ever
Thought I’d choke on promises
My purple-eyed symphony
Always a heartbeat away
Meet me at the Almost.

Olga Gojnić

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